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Letters to the EditorSens. Max Baucus and Chuck Grassley , Washington Post: The SCHIP bill ‘does nothing to raise income eligibility ‘the program and ‘not make change the original law, the Administration approval for all entitlement level ‘higher than 200 percent of the the federal poverty level or 50 percent higher than a ‘state Medicaid income cap requires,’as the columnist Robert Novak wrote in a 27. September opinion piece, Baucus and Grassley to write in a letter from the editor lisää . ,, the legislation ‘covers only plane – a lower level – federal matching funds for states the future approval the future approval,’and the bill ‘not only maintained, removes the ban on new coverage areas of childless adults, but no children. Adults from the program together, ‘the authors conclude:’It is good to are a philosophical debate on the merits have ‘of SCHIP, but ‘enemy should intellectually honest about what does what not to do what not to do ‘(Baucus / Grassley Washington Post. Centocor.

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