ACP disappointed by cloture vote about S.

Congress must end the practice of enacting short-term patches that neglect to provide the stability needed to initiate comprehensive doctor payment reform or the assurance patients need that their access will not be decreased by devastating physician payment cuts. Finally, the American College of Doctors rejects the cynical charge made by some that physicians’ support for health care reform is conditioned on repeal of the SGR. Instead, ACP supports healthcare reform because we think that all Americans should have access to affordable treatment.In the scholarly study, 55 % of the people with dementia had never really had an assessment of their thinking and memory skills with a doctor. ‘These results suggest that around 1.8 million Americans older than 70 with dementia have never had an assessment of their cognitive capabilities,’ said study author Vikas Kotagal, MD, MS, of the University of Michigan Health System in Ann Arbor. ‘Yet early evaluation and identification of individuals with dementia may help them receive treatment earlier.’ Kotagal said early diagnosis might help families make plans for care, help with day-to-day watch and jobs for issues that can occur.