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A survey of low-income people found that 70 % are not satisfied with the price of healthy groceries, and 25 percent reported overlooking healthy choices due to unaffordable prices. Experts recommend combating high prices by viewing the every week grocery ads, clipping coupons, and buying long-lasting foods in mass when they are on sale. Additionally it is strongly suggested that families shopping on a budget make weekly meal plans before shopping, considering the neighborhood sales and coupon codes when doing so.Washington, D.C., has the highest breast malignancy mortality rate in the U.S. Registering for the Komen National Race offers residents an opportunity to make a direct impact on breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment in the community. La Clinica del Pueblo, a 2003 grant recipient, provides free, culturally delicate medical and health solutions in the local Latin community and is just one example of the way the Komen National Race is helping produce a healthier community in Washington, D.C.